Confidence is a skill that anyone can build. It doesn’t have to be hard, but it does take work.

I’ve been putting in the work to build my self-confidence since 2016. Before then, I was shy and extremely insecure about myself. I suffered from anxiety and depression due to my lack of self-confidence. One major factor contributing to my lack of confidence was the toxic environment that I worked in. It was affecting my emotional as well as physical well being. However, I was too afraid to leave because I didn’t believe in my ability to succeed. When I was at my lowest point, I somehow found the courage to leave this job. I can’t point to one thing in particular that convinced me I could do it, but I am thankful every day for making that decision. After leaving that job, I made it a goal to continually strive for self-improvement. I believed in myself, but I knew I was going to have to change my lifestyle if I wanted to live a confident, healthy, and happy life.

I drastically improved my well-being and self-confidence by…

  • Practicing meditation
  • Learning about the power of habits
  • Rewiring my mindset
  • Creating goals, plans, and schedules
  • Developing mantras
  • Eliminating certain foods and drinks from my diet
  • Investing in proper skin care products and committing to a skin care regimen
  • Scheduling time for fitness every day
  • Challenging myself to try new things
  • Finding an accountability group


Now, I successfully run my own business and live each day with confidence, love, and gratitude. I am extremely proud of how much progress I have made and I want to help you do the same!

Based on the research I have done and the lessons I have learned regarding confidence, I have designed my 7 Day Kickstart to Build Confidence course. I believe this course will help anyone to get on the right track to creating a confident life.

7 day confidence kickstart guide


DAY 1: Establish a confident mindset

  • Create your confidence mantra
  • Make your mantra a habit by linking it to your anchor habit (an existing habit that you already do every single day without thinking about it)
  • Find and follow mentors, whether online or in real life, that inspire you to build your confidence


DAY 2: Find your focus, set goals, make a plan

  • Sit in a relaxing environment, free of any distractions
  • Brain dump – get everything out of your mind
  • Find your 30-day focus
  • Define your top 3 goals based on this focus
  • Create deadlines for your goals and mark them on your calendar
  • Turn your brain dump into a realistic to-do list
  • Subdivide to-do list at the start of each week

DAY 3: Disconnect from distracting technology

  • Don’t waste time investing people that don’t invest in you
  • Unfollow social media accounts that cause you to feel negatively
  • Optimize your smart phone for productivity: only place apps that you absolutely need on the first page


DAY 4: De-clutter your environment

  • Clear out your fridge and pantry
  • Make a neat and clean workspace
  • Give your bedroom a refresh


DAY 5: Meal plan + schedule fitness

  • Organize your grocery shopping list & schedule
  • Schedule physical activity every day
  • Choose your skin care regimen and commit to it


DAY 6: Optimize your skin care routine

  • Always follow a skin care regimen: cleanse, tone, correct, moisturize
  • Invest in your skin care products
  • Sunscreen is the number one anti-aging treatment out there


DAY 7: Try something you’ve never done before

  • The quickest way to build confidence is to do what you are afraid to do
  • Get outside your comfort zone; don’t think just do it
  • Find an accountability partner



When you first reflect on the question, “What are the habits of a confident woman?” you may answer with qualities such as outgoing, social, and the life of the party. While these traits may be consistent with many confident women, I’m here to challenge what it really means to be confident.

In my eyes, a confident woman doesn’t necessarily have to be an extrovert or overly outgoing, but rather she believes in herself and her values. To elaborate further, I’ve outlined what I believe are the habits of a confident woman.



She believes in herself, even when no one else does

A confident woman knows that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. There will be times when others doubt her or say she is dreaming too big. She listens to their words but doesn’t allow them to distract her from the goals and visions she has for her life. A confident woman is capable of anything and makes a plan to get what she wants.

She uses both her strengths and weaknesses to her advantage

Let’s face it, no one’s perfect. A confident woman knows that about herself and about others. She doesn’t get jealous of another woman’s strengths, but rather she admires them. A confident woman doesn’t brag about her strengths, but she sure as hell knows what they are and uses them to make the most out of every day.


She prioritizes self-care

It is easy to forget the importance of self-care. Society constantly pressures us to do more, to make more money, to go more places, to be a better parent or student or employee. So much to do yet there is still only 24 hours in a day. One part of building confidence is understanding that in those 24 hours we must make time for ourselves.

Habits of a Confident Woman - Prioritize Self-Care


She schedules time for exercise and plans healthy meals

A confident woman doesn’t feel obligated to lose weight or look a certain way, but rather she knows the importance of having a healthy body.


She knows that dessert is not an option, but a necessity

A confident woman doesn’t restrict herself with crazy diets. She finds a balance between healthy eating and indulging in some chocolate cake every once in a while 😉

Enjoy Life & Eat Cake

She knows that a proper skin care routine is far more important than the perfect makeup routine

A confident woman follows a regimen to properly take care of her skin. She knows that wearing a face full of make up is not only unhealthy, but is a sign that she cannot confidently show her true complexion.


She says no when she needs to

A confident woman will say no to things that distract her from her priorities. For example, going out over the weekend with her girlfriends is fun, but it also can get pretty pricey when you add things up (outfit, food, drinks, Uber, cover charge, etc.). So if saving money is her priority, she can confidently say no to a night out and make plans for a more budget friendly girls night.

The Daily Femme says it perfectly: “A confident woman knows that saying ‘no’ to others often means she is saying ‘yes’ to herself.”


She expresses gratitude, even in tough times

 A confident woman knows that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. She knows this is especially true when everything seems to be going wrong. Finding the best of these situations and remaining grateful is a sign of having the self-confidence to pull through tough times.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.



She knows that failure is part of the process. 

A confident woman doesn’t get discouraged by failure. Instead, she learns from her mistakes and plans how she can improve.  She always keeps in mind that failure is success in progress.



No one is born with confidence. It is a skill that is built and shaped by the way we are raised along with experiences that occur over the course of our life. Confidence is a skill that anyone can build, yet it seems that so many of us struggle with it.

In fact, self-confidence was an issue for myself not that long ago. When I began focusing on this area of personal development I made it a goal to create healthy habits that would help to build my confidence, which lead me to create this list of Habits of A Confident Woman. 

What habits do you believe a confident woman should possess? Leave me a comment below if you would add anything else to my list 🙂